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PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, 2011 5:44 pm 

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I fished both the Two man in a Boat and Super sweepstakes and unless a rule change is made I will no longer enter these and I have heard of several other teams as well that will no longer fish these events.

Here is the issue, The Boat check in is by radio only, NO VISUAL BOAT CHECKS!!!!!!!, Fishing start time is at 5:00am however is on your honor system. There is a Radio check in. After spending both days there and keeping my ears very wide open i over heard many of these teams stating they caught many of their fish over night and before daylight, It is daylight at 5:00am, Therefore if they caught there fish over night and before daylight, HOW CAN THIS BE??????????????

To keep this a very honest tourny there must be a visual boat check!!!!! I heard way to many words that have me convinced that many of the teams were not VERY HONEST!!!!!

Unless they change the rules to a visual boat check we will never be fishing these tournaments again!, There is no reason not to check the boats

PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:09 pm 
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Honor system! Yes that is a correct way to state the way we ran it this year.

I understand there is allot of issues running it this way but we had some technical difficulties getting the appropriate help to assist. That is no excuse but we will be having a different format next year. We also planned on a cooler drop but with the lack of help to haul coolers we decided against that as well.

To your point of visual check in... that still does not eliminate the issue of people breaking the rules and catching fish prior to the Tournament and leaving them in their cooler. That is hard to do unless you have an observer inforcing and an observer only causes a decrease in participation.

Keep in mind we are always looking for ways to improve the tournaments but there is always an issue that comes up. We take these very serious and if you heard something like this please bring the peoples name to my attention. I will certainly question them and even have them sent to a polygraph. When you enter these tournaments we can polygraph anyone. That's stated right in the rules... So the winner is not the only one who could be sent. Obviously if someone is not in the $$$ they could tell us to pound sand. But if that case ever came up they would be banned.

These are supposed to be fun events and promote the fishery. Regardless of the outcome or my personal results the the tournament I look at each of these as a way to promote and support the sport I love vs. what I can win or what someone else wins. Then again if I catch someone cheating it will not be pretty and I have enough connection that they could easly be banned all the way around the lake. Just my two cents on that one.

Again thanks for fishing the tournaments this year and stay tuned for next year. We will be inforcing some change that includes visual check in at two locations. Coming out of the small boat basin and coming out of the root river. We are also going to as far as random cooler checks. That will not eliminate cheaters but help reduce them.

Please give me a call if you'd like to discuss. 414-758-4164

Co-Chairman, Salmon a Rama
President, Salmon Unlimited

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